Our History

Dr. Jones began the company in 1963 in Arizona while he was working in the music department at the University of Arizona. He and his wife, Virginia, moved up to Spokane in 1967, when he accepted a position at Eastern Washington University. During his 27 years at EWU, Dr. Jones was the maestro of the EWU Symphony Orchestra for 14 years, and was a recipient of the prestigious University Trustee’s Medal of Honor in 1981. Dr. Jones composed two pieces commissioned by the Spokane Symphony Orchestra and served as the principal bassoonist until 1994 when he retired and Lynne Feller-Marshall won the position. Dr. Jones and Dr. Feller-Marshall developed a friendship and Dr. Jones began supporting Dr. Feller-Marshall when she began Bassoonarama, an annual bassoon camp for players of all levels. Dr. Jones supported and enjoyed participating in the camp each year he was able. Dr. Feller-Marshall has now begun supporting what Dr. Jones started, and has taken on the role as lead bassoon tester at Jones Double Reed Products, helping the company Dr. Jones founded to continue to provide quality bassoon reeds JDRP currently employs over twenty people and they come to us with very diverse backgrounds, including several former artists and professional musicians. Some of our current employees have been with the company for over twenty years. Our employees are all committed to making products that are consistent and of very high quality. Each employee understands the production process from start to finish and they have on-going and regular communication regarding the production of our reeds. This open communication allows us to manufacture the high quality reeds that our customers have come to expect.






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